Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blueberry Garden

In my continuous procrastination attempt to not work on Camp I managed to play through the demo version of Blueberry Garden. The first time I played it it lagged, and thought, "bleh this sucks". Well it doesn't lag now, and I take that back x 100.

I highly suggest it for anyone trying to kill off some time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow programming must suck.

Working on Camp, made a bunch of progress. Need to finish the game in four days in order to reach my deadline (to leave time for bug-testing and balancing).

I really hate this game though.

So annoying to work on, right now it's just sort of fixing up stuff. I think this is how corporate programmers feel. Sort of like setting up dominoes but with a deadline. Hate doing it but sort of have to. Wait that didn't make much sense.

Once I get this game done I'll try to get some more indie stuff up here. Meanwhile if you're bored (who isn't, life's not great), you should play some of Cactus's games. Been playing some of these and they rock, a lot. Only if you like that sort of stuff though, because if not you'd just be really bored.

Maybe I'll post a demo of Camp in the coming weeks. Ha.