Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr. Chubigans : Kablooey!

Although it's a lot more mainstream and doesn't really need it, I still think Kablooey! deserves some sort of feature somewhere.

Monday, August 22, 2011

messhof : The Thrill of Combat

I remember seeing this back when I first found messhof through Jetpack Basketball but never really found his work impressive. Rewatching it now though, wow.

I'll never understand why companies like nitrome that make generic-ish games get famous and people like messhof go unnoticed.

The guy is most known for Flywrench, but I don't find it that impressive honestly (not that I've played it). The Thrill of Combat, above, seriously looks excellent though. The idea is to control a helicopter and shoot people below with a laser, while dodging missiles and bullets. However, whenever you kill someone, you send down a person from the heli and harvest the organs with a knife that you control while dodging missiles and bullets from your helicopter. How freaking cool is that.

Sad State of Software Engineers

Let's have a little programming lesson, in simple, straightforward Actionscript.

This is how you output some text to the console:
This is a variable:
var number_of_sheep=5;
This is how you make a loop that counts from 1 to 10:
for(var count=1; count<=10; count++){}
Now let's combine these concepts to count sheep.
for(var number_of_sheep=1; number_of_sheep<100; number_of_sheep++)
    trace("There are "+number_of_sheep+" sheep.");
This should output:
There are 1 sheep.
There are 2 sheep.
There are 3 sheep.
There are 4 sheep.
...all the way to 100.
Congratulations.  You are now more talented than 199 out of 200 people who apply for programming jobs.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is kind of boring.

Spent this morning working for this housing peoples project organization called Habitats For Humanity under Tzu Chi (both pretty nice organizations that are pretty nice and you should check them out maybe).  Painted roofs.  Well not really roofs more like the bar under roofs.  It was in a sort of run-down black community and there was a bucket of fried chicken on the ground, and koolaid in the houses, and gatorade in a cooler outside, and watermelons for lunch.  Racist senses started tingling.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cantilever Bridge : Finished

So GMC Jam #3 came around and the idea was to make a game in 72 hours with the theme "Live." Ended up making Cantilever Bridge, which is a generic-ish story-driven game based on two cities and a bridge to connect the two, around the politics and stuff of that.

Tense political action-packed diplomacy efforts right here.