Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This post has been blocked under the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act etc etc


For those of you uninformed this is a protest against the passage of SOPA and PIPA, two overly aggressive acts that target piracy sites but contain clauses that can also shut down pretty much any site whatsoever.  Sites that rely on third parties (i.e. most social networks, YouTube, Mediafire, etc) will get shut down pretty much immediately and the acts give Congress the power to shut down any site they don't like.

Complaints to Congress about the act were received pretty much like this.

People: Hey this violates our freedom of speech.
Congress: Don't worry we're only targetting sites dedicated to piracy.
People: Then write that in the bill.
Congress: LOL don't worry we won't abuse our power we promise.
People: Why don't you write it in the bill then?
Congress: Because we know encroaching on your first amendment rights is wrong and we promise we won't do it, really.  We promise.

PIPA was made as an "OKAY okay we know you don't like SOPA, here's a better act" but it still uses DNS blocking and other practices in SOPA and it's basically the same bill under a different name, so don't be fooled.  Spread the word about them both.

I've drafted all of my posts to be invisible for the duration of the blackout and this site will be back up on the 19th of January.

Props to WikipediaGoogle, Ludum Dare, Equestria Daily (rofl), AndyGamesHackThisSite! and all the other sites/communities that set up protests; you guys rock.  Going to try to keep a running list of blackouts.

EDIT: The MPAA made a statement.  Interesting how they're still calling it an "anti-piracy" bill designed to "protect American jobs from foreign criminals" and not mention anything people are actually protesting against at all.  Credits to a certain CaptainLepidus for showing me this.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

AI Class : Lectures now online!

First off, have to say that the online AI class hosted by Stanford was absolutely excellent and major props to Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig for teaching it.  Probably the only course I've ever taken that I legitimately enjoyed.

The course is over and the videos are now all public domain, so check them out.

Course Lectures

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just some things going on.

Starload Flash port:
We got a sponsor!  Aidan's sorting out the last bit and it should be up soon official.

Kingdom 1420 Flash port:
Finished!  Still waiting to be approved, I think.  The Christmas release, which we thought would bring us more visibility from sponsors, sort of backfired because everyone did the same and the queue is massive.  Proud of how it came out though.

mono Flash port:
Under development.  Going to try to release this one on my own to at least figure out how this sponsorship stuff works first-hand.  Would provide a demo, but exclusivity and all, so it's under strictly closed beta.  Not that you'd want to see it, anyways.  It's almost exactly the same as the original.  Except I'm probably changing the name because everyone linked the title to the disease.

Diagnosis and Cantilever Bridge Flash ports:
Whaat.  Surprise!  I'm actually not going to be porting these two, trying to hire someone to do those for me and we'll split sponsorship profits.

So, anyways, I'm fairly excited.  Pretty glad about this whole Flash porting business.