Friday, September 30, 2011

I did something!

The Games page is no longer a filthy piece of trash, I made a Flash thingy to list everything.  How exciting.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

RDC, Lasers

Forgot to post this.  Last Saturday we had an RDC where we made games in 4 hours.  The theme was Lasers.  The winning game (as per judging by me and a few others) was LASOR DOT MAN by orange08, was a pretty neat thing I guess.

As per tradition, I made a troll entry called GettingShotByALaser which is basically a screensaver with Atom Zombie Smasher's Blue Without You playing in the background.  If you want to use it as your actual screensaver then throw it into C:/Windows and select it in that Control Panel shiz.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mechanical Turk?

I've been trying to make a few bucks online recently and one of the options I came across was Amazon's Mechanical Turk, where you do small tasks like identify animals in pictures and things that bots can't do for a cent per task or so.  Some harder tasks, like rewriting short articles, reward a dollar or two up to about 5 dollars maximum.

Spent two hours today trying it out, doing as many worthwhile tasks as I could.  Two hours in, I have a whopping 60 cents.  That's 30 cents an hour, over twenty times worse than minimum wage.  To be fair, I have $1.71 that's still awaiting approval, so that'll boost me up to $2.31 for two hours of work for a grand total of $1.16 / hour.  Still shitty.

My take on this website: if you really cannot do anything else or you're stuck with some free time and have literally nothing else to do, go for it.  But it's not a serious source of income at all and you'll probably waste a lot more time than worth the money.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Starload : FGL Commentary

Screencast for Starload

The marketing guy (Aidan) got an agent from to review Starload and help fix up some stuff.  Despite having a lot of negative things to say, I agree with everything he pointed out and sent Aidan the updated version like five minutes ago.

FGL gave Starload a 7/10, which is fantastic because Warp also got a 7/10 and it's got a nice sponsorship now.

Pretty exciting stuff.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hhh : Populace

Say hello.

Starload : Finished

Not a fan of the game or the port but it's done and hopefully we can get a sponsor et cetera.

Next thing I'll be working on for them will probably be Kingdom 1420.  Played the game.  Not too fond of the gameplay or the story (to be frank, there isn't one) but it is doable and shouldn't be a problem, and it'd be nice to work on something like this, really.

*hums* ..But in the town it was well known when they got home at night, their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them within inches of their lives *hard strum* *snare roll* ...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 sentimentality and why it doesn't work.

Warning, here's a rant.

It's the tenth year anniversary of 9/11, the tragedy where 3,000 people lost their lives during the World Trade Center terrorist attack.  In comes all of the memorials from people who lost loved ones, who saw the crash, who were directly impacted; and here comes everyone else.  The moments of abject silence, of Facebook statuses, the "it is such a horrible event look I'm tearing up" type of stuff.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blog Updates

Laziness to do homework pushed out the laziness to fix my blog's width problems and I finally got around to it.  No more cramping images and awkward dimensions.

Next up is updating the Games page so it doesn't look like a pile of vomit.

Look mummy.  There's an airplane up in the sky.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Career crisis aaaaaaagh

Okay so it suddenly hit me that I know literally nothing oriented to a possible career except for independent game design, which makes zero money and isn't applicable at all to professional game design, which in addition to making zero money, is completely soul-crushing horrorshow.

So I asked some friends from the game design circle on what they do for a living:

And then they started joking about how they're male prostitutes who charge extra from fat girls, like typical IRC people.


Now here's a desperate request:
If you happen to be proficient in a subject to a professional level, like medical stuff or chemistry or economics or stock market or something that's not programming, here's a deal.  You teach me your trade, and I'll teach you programming or graphics design or game design or 3D modeling.  Yay/neigh?