Monday, October 29, 2012

Game : At The Corner of the Earth

Download (GMC Topic)

Why do I still make games?

Absolute failure made in 72 hours.  You might play it but you might as well just look at the screenshots and read the storyline because it's extremely broken.

And, following my usual habits, I have no intention of fixing it.

Overview below, but first I want to say a few things:
  •  Not to be arrogant but I never really realized how good I am at last-minute coding.  Almost 3/4ths of the game was programmed in the last 2-3 hours.  At one point I was exporting a sprite, then importing, coding, and loading it into the game one sprite per minute.
  • THIS IS BY FAR the most buggy game I have ever made, mostly on account of the point above.  I think I disappointed a ton of people because they seemed to be really interested in the screenshots and the game doesn't hold up at all.
  • Photoshop crashes are by far the worst.
  • Also, I hope people in general are smarter than me because I tried to make a story-based game with "no text" as the handicap.  It clearly didn't work well.
Video version of walkthrough coming soon.


Note: Greenland, whiteland, and yellowland are not the actual names for the places but rather their descriptions for the sake of.. descripting.

Talk to the cartographer at the bottom right of greenland. Press space and he will give you his pencil/paper and you will assist him on his map-drawing quests.

Go to the rock on the right and hit space to be magically teleported (??) to whiteland. Press space to jump and navigate your way up to the top of the level. Press space to pick up the caution sign on the way and use A/S to navigate to it in your inventory, then press Z to whack bears with it. Find the map in the upper right and go up to it until the screen craps out and open your pencil/paper with A/S and Z. You'll see that the character has drawn it on the page.

(If you want, go to the river and fish with your fishing rod. You'll need it later).

Navigate your way back down (or be cool, kill yourself, and bug-exploit your way to the bottom). Press space and revisit the cartographer, who will pay you for your sufferings. Use the money to go up to the innkeeper at the top of greenland, and pay to sleep in the "inn" (yes, that's a single pillow, shut up).

Go to yellowland and fight off the bears with your caution sign. You'll notice that the innkeeper is dead and now you get free rides to and from greenland/yellowland! Make your way to the lower right, down the rocks, and look at the drawings the children made/buy the TNT from the kid. The first drawing is a map of the yellowland, which you add to your drawing. The second drawing is that of the child's mother, the innkeeper, who just died. I hope you're happy.

Use the TNT to blow up the cave and the fence where the bears are. Try to not get brutally destroyed by the bears. You don't have to dodge the TNT because it magically doesn't kill you. Just talk to the farmer and trade in your fish for money, then go back to whiteland for more fish, then go back to farmer for more money, and eventually you'll have enough to pay the guard to step aside and visit the memorial. Alternatively, just walk around the guard. Bugs FTW.

After seeing all three memorial posters, go back to whiteland. On the way you'll notice the cartographer is gone and the globe is cracked. Going to whiteland will activate the credits scene and the end of the game.


I'm usually against outright explaining my storylines but this one is so poorly executed that I'll make an exception.

The game is the aftermath of an underground nuclear test gone completely wrong, blowing up the entire core of the Earth, leaving two groups of islands floating in the sky. All of the characters have incurred a personal loss of some kind: the innkeeper loses her life, the children lose their mother, and the farmer loses his crops. The cartographer loses his perception of the world, indicated by his disappearance and the shattered globe at the end of the game. The guard of the memorial dedicated to the post-apocalyptic event is the only person who hasn't lost anything. At the end of the game, the credits scene shows your character enjoying the only pastime discernable from his position in the game: ice-fishing. And the follow-up question is, what have you lost? Eventually, just like everyone else, you will lose everything. You will lose your fish.

The disaster in question isn't just on the global scope (nuclear suicide) but a personal one as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

H Game Engine : HGameSFML

Download | GitHub

Rewritten using SFML instead of SDL.  Runs much faster.

Making a game with it today and tomorrow to test it out.  Not quite Game-Maker-prototype speeds yet but I can make a platformer without too much heartache now.

Docs coming eventually but feel free to use it if you can figure it out on your own.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A weekly dose of Internet

Wow, you know what college is killing me.

I have no time to anything ever anymore, and that includes blog posts, so here's a big list of things I think are interesting.

Good Music: Diablo Swing Orchestra - Honey Trap Aftermath (the entire Pandora's Pinata album, really)
Good Webcomic: Subnormality #200 - Anomalies
Good Documentary: Indie Game - The Movie
Good Sign of the Robo-Apocalypse: Evolving Robots Learn to Lie to Each Other
Good Game Jam: Ludum Dare's October Challenge 2012
..: Fuck This Jam
Good Person: Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist for Peanuts, who dedicated his life to his work for so very long before succumbing to health complications.  God bless.
Good Book: The Oatmeal - How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You, currently #8 on Amazon's Top Sellers list.  I haven't actually read it, I just want to do some advertising for The Oatmeal.  He'd be person-of-the-week if he weren't up against Schulz.

Good night.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention I'm a writer now for the Game Maker Blog which is interesting because I don't even have time to post on my own blog, let alone another one, but it'll happen.