Friday, December 24, 2010

Ludum Dare / Merry Christmas, JK LOL

Made a game for Ludum Dare 19. The theme was discovery. Link

It's Christmas and I feel like I'm wasting my break doing things I don't care about to avoid doing other things that I also don't care about. Winter break is great and all but shitty because I haven't done anything with it nor plan to, and generally have no motivation to do anything besides eat oatmeal clusters and read blogs.

And I promise promise promise I'll get around to redesigning this shit template. After some more oatmeal.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goodbye Blue Sky

Yeah alright so first off I promise I'm working on a better design because this one is shitty. Just so you know.

Today I had a group project in math class, four people, had two days to get the board done. All well and good. We decided that this one girl in our group (a senior) would do the design for the board, and the rest of us would just do whatever else there was.

Monday. I called one guy to see if he could come. No, soccer practice. Whatever, the other two still can. One (the senior) is at therapy, said they'd email me when they get back, sure. And the other hasn't contacted me. 6:30 PM, back from therapy. 7:00 PM, I go to their house, picking up a poster board along the way. And meanwhile I texted that other person asking when they'd come. It's 7 PM, they're part of the group and agreed that they'd do what they could, but of course it's easier to say, hey let's wait for everyone else in my group to decide on stuff and then contact me about it! Very cool, we all get to the senior's house to get the board done. I ended up doing most of the work because it was mainly computer graphic stuff, and they weren't able to start without it, and I was the only one that knew how, and it was good, finished the graphs that day. That other person promised they'd help more on Tuesday. Cool, fine.

Tuesday. It's 6. No contact. Again I called that one guy to see if he could come. No. Babysitting. Didn't tell me about it earlier. Well cool.

It's 7. No contact. I text that other girl about it. Was able to go earlier but now she's at band rehearsal, "I can go at 8:30 can you call that senior and ask if I can go that late?" I say no. (Why?). Dunno call her [insert number]. (I can't I'm at band rehearsal). Then I dunno.

I end up not going or contacting anyone else out of spite more than anything, because if I don't go then I can guilt that band girl to going out and helping on her own accord, as opposed to waiting to be called on for work. Hahah, see, I can force everyone to go and teach them all a lesson in the meanwhile! I'm so clever.

NO ONE SHOWED UP. My idea backfired and I ended up indirectly forcing the senior to do the rest of the work.

Fricking Christ. They both promised they'd show up today, they both said they were sorry on Monday that they weren't able to do much, and now today they just don't show up.

Really I don't get how people are able to throw around "sorry" and "promise I'll do it tomorrow" like it's nothing. And of course neither of them realized the problem, they came to school tomorrow and said "wow nice board etc". And it was a nice board. But they didn't help, even when they promised it, and they were downright shameless about it. One didn't even say anything (at all). The other complimented the board and neglected to feel any remorse for not doing shit. And meanwhile I felt shitty for not showing up, out of spite more than anything else. I bailed to show everyone else how they bailed, and they completely missed it.

-10 points for humanity.