Monday, March 18, 2013

GitHub Dump

I needed to upload a bunch of old projects for some new employment things onto GitHub and they're not really complete or anything but here they are anyways.


More of a personal post for my own organization, feel free to ignore.

Pannenkoekenhuis (Windows Phone) : Published!

Pannenkoekenhuis : Windows Phone Store

Free for probably indefinitely.  Comment / email me with suggestions and bugs.

Friday, March 8, 2013


I haven't written a post in a while and this isn't particularly interesting but I thought I'd share.

Coffee is amazing.  This is old news for most of you, but I've just started drinking coffee regularly and it's the best thing ever.  After class I'll bike to Starbucks for an hour (it's right next to my school) and start working on stuff.  I do freelance programming now.  It's nice because you set your own hours and pick your own jobs and get an immediate paycheck once you finish.  I count my salary in how many macchiatos I can buy with it.  Drink coffee to work, and work to drink coffee.

Such is the life.

This one time there was a job interview happening a table across from me, and the interviewee, a male in his early 30's it looked, was trying to sell himself for a teaching position (or so it seemed -- they never said what it was for).  I had been in the coffeehouse for a few hours by then and had watched the other interviewers come and go.  The other two interviewees before him seemed very average; formal.  But this guy.  He was hard-pressed to show exactly how interactive he was and how his teaching style would be super progressive and active and super full of energy and how this was his dream job and how he would do everything for the

"Hey how are you!"


I looked back down at my book, pretending that he wasn't talking to me even though he was speaking directly in my direction.  Long awkward pause -- and then I realized this was part of his "super friendly guy" shtick for the interview.  "Oh, hi."  I waved kind of awkwardly, and he returned the awkwardness with a sort of half-laugh, and I left the coffeeshop astounded at my ability to ruin the interview of complete strangers without even trying.

So that is Starbucks.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pannenkoekenhuis (Windows Phone) : Closed Beta

None of you believed me when I said I'd actually get something on mobile.  None.  Zero.  Well, guess what?

I showed up all of you.

Pannenkoekenhuis is now in closed beta on Windows Phone.  If you own one, toss me your Microsoft Account email address and I'll send you a copy for review!

I'm expecting to release it to the general public in about a week.  Until then, I suppose.

(Many thanks to Message Intercepted for the music!)