Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ohey everyone.

I haven't had the motivation to do anything recently. Spring break's ending. It was dumb and I didn't expect any more from it.

I made a really racist game for mini-Ludum Dare 25 but I didn't want to submit it in case stupid people would complain about the racism in it, ignoring the "Send Hate Mail" button that I planned to put on the main menu directly under the Play button to show how I was mocking them and not the actual ethnicities. Regretting that decision. Wish people weren't so goddamn sensitive.

The Werewolf game is going great on the contrary. I wasn't expecting it to blow up like that at all. Networks forming/reforming, some fantastic bluffs and long-term strategic plans going on. Crazy stuff. If you want to join the next round, make an account and sign up here. I won't be hosting it though; my friend Drew will.

Meanwhile met someone at my school that specializes in Flash animations, which is great because I can't animate to save my life. Kuph, if you're reading this we have to do something before the break ends.

Radical Face is fantastic. Listening to their album Ghost via the mini-intercom system in my house.

Flash version of Pannenkoekenhuis is underway. Slowly.


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hosting a game of Werewolves at this forum here. If you are unfamiliar with the game, it's basically an organized minority of people against an unorganized majority, full of trickery and deceit and backstabbing and paranoia. We need 32 people, only have about seven or so so far, so if you're interested go ahead and join.