About Me
I am a 17 year old game/program/graphics/model designer living in Cooper City, Florida. I have been working with computers since I was 2 and have 6 years of experience in programming. I am fluent in GML, HTML, Javascript, Actionscript/Flash, and currently learning C++/C# (w/ XNA)/Java.

Online Prescence
Over the years, I've participated in many online indie game design competitions/jams (roughly in order):

YoYo Games Competition 03 (with The Infinity Engine)
Limited GFX Competition (with Abstractoid) (placed 6th)
Zerosoft Winter Competition (with Holiday Bombings) (placed 3rd)
YoYo Games Competition 04 (with Solution)
Zerosoft Team Competition (with Tropically Correct) (placed 2nd)
Zerosoft Retro Competition (with Retroplat) (runner-up)
YoYo Games Competition 05 (with Camp)
Game Jolt Axioms Competition (with The Clementine Paradox)
Game Jolt Minimal Competition (with Enter)
Game Jolt Demakes Competition (with N)
Ludum Dare 19 Discovery Competition (with Trip (n.))
Game Maker Community Jam 01 (with Pannenkoekenhuis) (placed 5th)
YoYo Games Rapid Development Competition 06 (with Mono) (placed 5th)
Game Maker Community Jam 02 (with Diagnosis) (placed 2nd)
Game Maker Community Jam 03 (with Cantilever Bridge) (placed 9th)
Game Maker Community Jam 04 (with Greetings From Liverpool! )
Game Maker Community Jam 05 (with Fix It)

I'm also currently hosting the 4 Hour Jam, which occurs every third Saturday, as well as the Werewolf Forums, dedicated to the social game of the same name.

Art Portfolio
You can find the rest of my (art) work on my DeviantART Portfolio.

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, e-mail me at thatsnail [at] gmail [dot] com.