Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pannenkoekenhuis Flash : Finished

Never thought I'd see the day.


Booyah. And here's the ad revenue stats report: Linketh. So far I've earned a whopping ONE CENT, at $0.26 eCPM. That means 26 cents for every 1000 people that look at the ad.

I paid my sister ten dollars that I owed her from a while ago. I'll be able to earn that back in...

...20 impressions a day...
...50 days per CPM payout...
...26 cents per 50 days...

That's 1923 days (around 5 years) to earn my 10 dollars back. I'm getting so rich.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Possible job, or something.

This totally anonymous guy told me about this other guy that needed this game ported to this system so I contacted the guy and we arranged this deal for me to port the game within two weeks or so and this is good. Might or might not be a paid job; 40% of ad revenue, which is not a rocks-my-socks financial bundle but can do no harm. Actually that might be 0% because the paid part was what the anon guy said and not my "client" (ooh how professional) which I was stupid enough not to clarify it with.

In other news, the Pannenkoekenhuis port is done, I promise, except for sound effects that I'm too lazy to do. Trust me, it's gathering dust on my works-in-progress shelf but at least it's fully-clothed in possible potential. Like a cactus would be a fully-functional person if it could move its arms.

In more verbally-unfriendly news, this video is pretty cool. I wish I was as insensitive as this guy here.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Got an invitation from Artflakes for a partnership to put some of the stuff from my old deviantART Portfolio onto their website to sell as prints. Pretty exciting I guess, even though none of my stuff is actually marketable.

Artflakes Page

Currently the program is closed to the public (you can only join if you get an invitation) but it looks promising, will see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pannenkoekenhuis Flash : Halfway Point

Since I know you're all dying to know what I've been doing this summer (spoiler alert: eating, sleeping, and pretty much nothing) I'm going to throw a curve ball and announce this SUPER HAPPY AWESOME HALFWAY POINT of a Flash port of a game that's been overdue for a few months now.

Today with the help of a Jan Flanders from the Flash IRC (##flash at irc.freenode.net) we got bitmap masking to work.  Which means all the core features aside from powerups are now in.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My dad drilled some holes into a camera tripod and turned it into a movie projector support and now we're watching movies at dinnertime.  Watched two already so here's some thoughts on them.

The Speed Of Thought (2011, Evan Oppenheimer) (4/10)
The idea behind it is that there are people who read minds and work for the government but die at an early age or something.  There's a lack of development throughout the movie until the end, which was well thought out and interesting enough.  The story itself is healthy: Complex enough to not suck and simple enough to understand without killing yourself.