Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Laws" : 18 hours in

Two days, six hours left in the Jam; here's what I have so far.

Map of half of the city (based on Liverpool).
Old screenshot in-game.
New-ish design, might scrap.
Intro, in a train.

Friday, October 28, 2011

GMC Halloween Jam!

Fancy stuff!

The Game Maker Community is hosting another 72-hour Jam that runs through Halloween, so while you social bastards are running around terrorizing households for candy or setting bear traps around your front door I'll be sitting here with a laptop and a lot of coffee.

The jam starts in 30 minutes as of this post (8:00 PM Friday to 8:00 PM Monday) and this'll be great except I haven't prepared for it at all.

The theme is to be announced but from dropped hints it's *a*s, the *'s being unknown letters, and there's an L in there somewhere.  The guy that runs it (Nocturne) half-confirmed my guesses so I'm throwing my vote to "Laws."

If you want to participate then I highly suggest you do because it's just really pretty fun and the people are great, we'll all be talking on the IRC as usual (#gmc at, worth a visit.

I'm going to be offering a community prize this time around; fifth place winner (and only fifth place -- this should be interesting) gets a review/commentary post here, as well as a Let's Play-style video commentary if my laptop can handle it.

So uhm, this should be interesting.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Short Update

First off, made an RDC game last Saturday for "Bleeding."  Didn't actually submit it for judging but everyone put it in their ballot anyways so heh.

It's called The Bleed Man.

He bleeds.
It's a piece of crap but I liked how the music came out.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hrh, smart people.

So I've signed up for a few free online Stanford classes, (on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Databases), and looking through the forums, I am kind of worried.  Here's the intro topic for Machine Learning:
I'm not worried at all.

Regardless, for any hobbyist programmers out there, I think this is an excellent opportunity to get some formal training in the field.  Very few of us have the time or money to learn like this, and here's a prime opportunity.

The classes have a Basic and Advanced track that you can switch between at any time.  The Basic track caters to people who don't have time to submit assignments or do quizzes, so it's perfect alongside your normal studies.  The Advanced track, meanwhile, acts like a full online course, which is pretty nice.