Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Hat Man : Finished

For the first GMC+YYG RDC, set up by zeddidragon, Alti, ShadowLink, Pqp232, and I.  Haven't seen such a successful RDC in so long.

Download "The Hat Man":
Mirror 1: YoYo Games
Mirror 2: UpUrLoad

Controls are arrow keys.  No, you're not playing it wrong.  Yes, that's supposed to happen.  And no, there is no "better ending."  Hence the actual ending.

Made in four hours.  Landed runner-up alongside zeddidragon and Skarik, behind IQbrew who won with this massive freaking 3D thing holy crap.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Overanalyzing Words With Friends

I just woke up having slept approximately 50% of my weekend (am i dying i'm always tired now is this a sign of dying) and I haven't done anything productive so hopefully this will make up for it.

For those who are total shut-ins and don't know, Words With Friends is an app for iOS that allows one to play scrabble over the internets.

I'll be walking through a game of it to point out some tactics I tend to do.  No guarantees that they work but they seem reasonable enough.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thoughts on Rapture

So rapture is in three days.  And being the non-Christian that I am (sort of a Theravada Buddhist I guess), I'm going to hell.

Since I love religious wars and I love controversial shit I'm going to write my last words.

Christian ololol:
From what I've seen, Christians are holding this as the "I told you so" moment for them to prove the validity of their religion to atheists.  Which is hilarious, because the whole point of Christianity is to save the nonbelievers before they're eternally damned to hell.  Hence why I think the religion is in pieces.

Atheist ololol:
Even more funny are the atheists that are hell-bent on disproving rapture before it occurs.  Saying "rapture is dumb and never going to happen because it's never happened before" is akin to saying "if I jump off a cliff I won't die because I've never died before."  Not to mention the "atheist Crusade" movement going around where atheists can't say the word "religion" without a derogatory word behind or ahead of it.  I smell self-denial.

TL;DR?  Atheists are aggressively converting Christians.  Christians are aggressively converting athiests.  Neither side has any solid evidence, they're just mudslinging each other.  Neither side will admit they're doing it.

Watching from the sidelines, it's all pretty hilarious.

A Happy Birthday to Orange08!

Happy birthday to orange08!  Here have a cake.

So uh happy birthday banov!  Does he have a blog or something?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diagnosis : Second Place + Updated Version

Diagnosis took second place on the GMC Jam.  Not bad, not bad.

Would write more but I'm out of time for today.  The postcompo version is done.  Bunch of bugs fixed, look at the GMC topic for it in the first link for more information.

Edit hey Blogger reverted my post to an older version what gives.

Anyways shoutouts to zeddidragon and orange08 for their excellent games that placed 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diagnosis : Updated + Timelapse

Updated version as well as a timelapse.

GMC Link

There's a shitload of bugs in my game that zeddidragon was able to point out, notably Hard Mode being ridiculously easy and Easy Mode being a mindwreck.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Diagnosis : Finished

Ludum Dare Page

My back aches from 48 hours sitting on a laptop eating granola bars and salad and bagels.

The game is about you, a mental patient, going through your mind with a psychiatrist that "helps you out" with your illness by giving you "medication" along the way.

Adding music and shit later.

And polish and shit later.

I wish so many people didn't drop out of the GMC Jam, there's like five of us left.

Man I'm tired.