Thursday, June 2, 2011

Programming via Pepsi binge.

The idea was to not sleep until I finished the Pannenkoekenhuis Flash port to release on MochiAds and make some money for a thing at Stanford over the summer.

Lot'so Pepsi
It was fine, the first two days and two nights I made some progress.  Couldn't carry a conversation past "mhmm yeah that's cool ahah how awesome" though.  Then the afternoon of the second day, I almost threw up and the caffeine wore off and almost passed out so I slept for ~11 hours and had some weird dream about being in someone's backyard in the future.  It was basically "wow this garden is awful and unmaintained and the grass is up to my elbows, guess I could sleep here for a while I hope the owners don't mind."

Third morning I woke up, looked at my code.  It was fucking disgusting, and none of it made any sense.

So don't try this at home kids.*

Meanwhile redesigning my blog so it's not so squashed, thinking a bird-themed one this time.

*I probably will again in a few months because above all it really was pretty interesting.

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