Sunday, July 24, 2011

Possible job, or something.

This totally anonymous guy told me about this other guy that needed this game ported to this system so I contacted the guy and we arranged this deal for me to port the game within two weeks or so and this is good. Might or might not be a paid job; 40% of ad revenue, which is not a rocks-my-socks financial bundle but can do no harm. Actually that might be 0% because the paid part was what the anon guy said and not my "client" (ooh how professional) which I was stupid enough not to clarify it with.

In other news, the Pannenkoekenhuis port is done, I promise, except for sound effects that I'm too lazy to do. Trust me, it's gathering dust on my works-in-progress shelf but at least it's fully-clothed in possible potential. Like a cactus would be a fully-functional person if it could move its arms.

In more verbally-unfriendly news, this video is pretty cool. I wish I was as insensitive as this guy here.

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