Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just some things going on.

Starload Flash port:
We got a sponsor!  Aidan's sorting out the last bit and it should be up soon official.

Kingdom 1420 Flash port:
Finished!  Still waiting to be approved, I think.  The Christmas release, which we thought would bring us more visibility from sponsors, sort of backfired because everyone did the same and the queue is massive.  Proud of how it came out though.

mono Flash port:
Under development.  Going to try to release this one on my own to at least figure out how this sponsorship stuff works first-hand.  Would provide a demo, but exclusivity and all, so it's under strictly closed beta.  Not that you'd want to see it, anyways.  It's almost exactly the same as the original.  Except I'm probably changing the name because everyone linked the title to the disease.

Diagnosis and Cantilever Bridge Flash ports:
Whaat.  Surprise!  I'm actually not going to be porting these two, trying to hire someone to do those for me and we'll split sponsorship profits.

So, anyways, I'm fairly excited.  Pretty glad about this whole Flash porting business.

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