Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Minor update for minor people.

  •  4 Hour Jam is this Saturday, remember this.
  •  Werewolf is coming to a close.  Good show!
  • molyjam was amazing and I regret not being able to finish anything really on time.
  • C++ physics engine in the works!  In excruciatingly depth-stretching 3D.
  • Super secret gamedev project among super secret friends.  That's all you're getting.  (It's also four letters).
  • South Florida iOS Meetup postponed for the first time in 6 years.  Has to be postponed the first day I go, of course.
  • The Game of Life engine I made a while back has been updated to run over 8x faster.  Might turn it into a screensaver, maybe.
  • Noticed this blog stretches horizontally on smaller screens.  Y NO 1 TELL ME?!
  • And lastly, some web design.
Don't worry, do your best! Jujuju-jujuju jujuju-jujuju jujujuju....


  1. I heard a ton of talk about Molyjam this weekend while I was out of town with family. Wish I could have participated... although my skills are far from most of the participants.

    P.S. I haven't noticed any stretching on the site.

    1. Same, I didn't even finish an early beta of mine. Some great games in the jam, regret not going to the actual meeting.