Saturday, May 19, 2012

Music : Message Intercepted

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Was introduced to breakcore today by a digital composer whose been making music for some years now; I had heard of music from the genre but could never pair a name to it apart from "industrial glitch maybe perhaps?" which was always frustrating to type.  Ended up listening to a lot of songs by said composer.  They're pretty great.

Most of them feature a fairly kick-heavy drumline and abrupt transitions, but the really distinguishing plus is his use of samples in a way that's varied and innovative without clashing.  The track above, Transforming Robot, showcases a glitchy drumtrack with an ambient section stuck in the middle.  Surprisingly, it blends very, very well.
Would encourage you to listen to more of the tracks because I'm having a hard time describing it.  Definitely one of the better hobbyist techno composers I've heard of.

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