Thursday, September 20, 2012

Local Gamedev Group!

There's game designers at my school.

I don't think you understand the weight of this.  There are game designers at my school.  They must've been hiding in rocks and bushes because I've been looking for people to jam with for four years.  And these people are great.  Graphics designers/programmers/composers, the whole package.

I talked to them and they were cool with me joining them for a gamedev session this Sunday.  Will update with what we end up making when it happens, but this is good news.


Other news, I'm doing this essay thing about religion, so while I tend to stay relatively agnostic about religion, expect some more polarized posts one way or the other in the future.


  1. I found out there are several game designer gatherings right in the city where my school is.

    One of the guys there is the man who made this picture.

    1. Augh! You're kidding right? I still remember when I first saw that image and it's still just as mind-blowing.

      I'm assuming you're going to be taking advantage of these gatherings, right?

  2. Way late to the party here, sorry but had to take a break from lurking your blog due to schoolwork. Who are they? Did anything come of it?

    1. gives you a good idea.

      We're working on a game involving dinosaurs and guns, and by "working" I mean considering working on it while watching TV and eating pizza.