Monday, July 29, 2013


So I did this MITRE 24-hour CTF with Vincent, the president of the hacking club over at the University of Florida, along with two other fellows drjmoo and TobalJackson (also at UF) under the team flag SomethingEpic and landed 12th place.  That was pretty cool.  I crashed for 24 hours at Vincent's house and drjmoo and TobalJackson crashed over at UF and fate twisted our way, landing us five places above Georgia Tech and its many MadHatter clones (and only four places down from the Berkeley team, no less).

Hey look it's us!

For the uninitiated, a CTF (capture-the-flag) is a hacking competition where there are certain puzzles in any form, be it an image, or a virtual disk, or an executable or what-say-you, and the idea is to recover some flag cleverly hidden inside of it.  The topics this time around were:

Binary: digging through executable files
Cryptography: encoded files
Forensics: partially-damaged or unaccessible files
Grab Bag: anything/everything
Networking: ..networking
Web: ..web

Flags were in the format MCA-{8 digits of hex}

Writeups of a few:

Binary 100
Binary 200 #1
Binary 200 #2
Cryptography 100
Cryptography 200
Networking 200

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