Thursday, November 20, 2014

Been a while!

Some updates:

Currently in my second year at University of California, Berkeley, studying electrical engineering and computer science.  Excellent school, people are generally friendly and knowledgeable, and very eager to learn.

Been getting a lot more interested in the hardware side of things.  Started doing some amateur radio.  Taking a quantum mechanics class.  Designed and fabricated a PCB, used it to set up a light strip that syncs to my computer screen.  And teaching a class!  About 20 students, teaching how to design a car that drives around a maze.  Workload is fairly intensive which means I don't have much time for casual blogging, hence the 2-year hiatus.

And I kind of miss game development.

I've had a few ideas that I want to make at some point, not while in college but maybe a few years after graduation.  Definitely a cool hobby and a bit sad I haven't maintained contact with much of anyone who still makes games.

But anyways!

I've been itching to do some quantum mechanics stuff recently.  Mostly to solidify what I'm learning about it in class.  If I start a new blog, I know what's going to happen: I'm going to have yet another blog with a single post, and then nothing.  So I'm just going to continue off of this one, and maybe transfer in the future, despite this one having a lot of posts I'm really not proud of.

(For the record, I'm really not proud of about 80% of anything I ever said in high school.  That hasn't changed -- I'm still saying dumb shit!)

To anyone who still reads this (?!): Hello! I have not been stabbed, if you have also not been stabbed, let us communicate again.

That is all.  Next posts will probably be some quantum mechanics stuff.  That's all I really feel like writing about right now.