Monday, November 14, 2011

Jams and Things

Greetings From Liverpool! placed like 18th or something in the jam, didn't expect too much.  I offered a prize of reviewing the 5th place games via blog post and video and two games tied for 5th there, so:

If you are True Valhalla or makerofthegames, I'll be getting to that shortly.  Might take some time for the videos, I already recorded them but the review was horrible so I'm going to redo those and get back to you.  Sorry for the delay.
Run down of the past few days:

Skyrim by Bethesda came out, the last of the Elder Scrolls series.  It looks and sounds overrated.  Don't shoot me.

Wow this looks like every other fantasy RPG ever made.

Aidan, the marketing guy I'm working with for the Flash ports, made some progress on possible sponsorship for Starload, so major props to him, and it'd be pretty cool if it actually sells for something.
Someone made a webcomic that featured Retroplat for a few strips, going to do a proper full-length blog post for him soon.  The same guy also recently filmed and published a movie.  Pretty cool, wish I could do that.
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Had some fun tinychatting with a few friends from IRC/ our game design circle thing.  Drew a picture
My birthday, it's today.