Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vince Emerson : Windigo

Just wanted to do a quick feature post for this guy here about this movie here.

I'm always really, really happy when I see small businesses like this go from start to end with a quality project, mainly because there's so few of them and because the odds are almost always against them.  This team of two (plus some supplemental actors) went above the line and created a full-length movie.  A good one.  And they're selling physical copies of it online, the whole commercial pack.

 The movie itself is a bit slow starting and hard to get into, but after that the details really shine.  Editing is extremely good here and it's actually sort of frightening at some parts.  Story's based on the Internet-circulated urban legend "The Slender Man," generally well-done.  A good portrayal, anyhow.  It's not IMDb ten stars but it's definitely one of the best super-small-time indie films I've seen.

So, congrats to them!

No seriously my friends and I always try making small short films and they bite the dust all the time, this movie is magnitudes better and I don't get how they do it but excellent work.

Oh and might as well keep some structure here....

A brief history: Actually I don't know enough about them to do a historical run-down but I found them through something they did called Indie Games Comic which is now down (but still stored locally on their servers, and I'm sure you'd be able to access them if you asked nicely).  It was a webcomic about indie games, basically, and it did some pretty decent stuff on that.  They actually had a few pages on Retroplat, one of my older games, which I thought no one ever played.  I thanked them for it, and they responded by saying they were surprised anyone read their comic either.  So I guess we're in the same boat.

...Might want to fullscreen it.

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