Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charity Game Jam : Gasoline Roulette

The game in ye old'e Funkytron
Made for Ludum Dare's 48 Hour Charity Game Jam.  The game itself is really awful, but you can play it in the Funkytron alongside all the other games that put mine to shame.

Mediafire Download

First time making a game in HTML5 though, and I'm really liking it.  Took about five hours without having learned any of it beforehand (aside from basic Javascript).  Uses LimeJS.

The original idea involved both players drinking a tank of gasoline, and then proceeding to fly into overly-dramatic Mortal Kombat poses while cutting off their own limbs, lighting them on fire, and using them as molotovs to chuck at the enemy player.

And then I remembered this charity was for Make-A-Wish, and that might not bode well with pretty much anyone.

The nice thing about HTML5 is that it's instantly iOS and Android compatible, and I could take this game to market immediately if I wanted to.  It's certainly a lot less painful than coding it up in Java or Objective-C.

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