Saturday, December 22, 2012

GMC Secret Santa

The folks over at the GMC set up a secret santa thing; you get a guy to make your present for and someone makes a present for you in return.  It's really pretty awesome; I made my guy a little chaotic scrolling Santa-gone-rogue thing, and I thought it was an okay gift (wanted to do something fancier and more catered to my person, although I wasn't sure what to make).

I'm a bit ashamed to post it anywhere, though, especially after seeing the gift Fatih Gürdal made for me:

Cantilever Bridge fanart! :')

Thanks so much, Fatih, if you ever read this, and I'll probably never look at that game the same again.


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  2. Hehe. I am glad you liked it man!

    My name is actually Fatih Gürdal though.. =P I might have ok drawing skills.. but my handwriting sucks big time.

    1. Ahah whoops sorry, fixed. Thanks again!