Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apple sues Samsung for making their phones equally as intuitive as their own

Except this time, they won.

'Jury Finds Largely in Favor of Apple in Apple vs. Samsung Trial, Awards More than $1 Billion in Damages'

Companies have patent-wars all the time.  They'll take someone's product and go, "OH MY GOSH they arranged their icons in vaguely the same way" or "WHAT MULTI-TOUCH I own the patent for that!" and then they'll sue the living guts out of them.

It's a business thing.

Long story short, Apple sued Samsung some time ago for infringing upon Apple-held patents for things like "pinch and zoom" and "double-tap to zoom" features on smartphones.  And they won.  In fact, they won hands-down.

I hope you're not planning on designing sensible UI anytime soon because you'll probably be sued for it.

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