Friday, April 8, 2011

Obligatory Minirant

First off, links are blue now.  It's uglier but more visible.

Secondly, "environmentalists" can go kick a bucket, I can sit around and "spread the word," and then pretend I did something to make myself feel better too.

Thirdfully, I made this shitty Whack-A-Mole machine with a friend (Adam) with a gory mole-killing game to go with it.  Might upload a screenie or something.  Or the game although it's not playable just nice-looking.  The actual machine was cool-ish, we took apart a keyboard and rewired it through the mallet and it totally failed and we ended up just using the mallet to hit the wires instead of the actual mole.  And there were four moles but only one motor worked and it was going at 18,000 RPM according to the box so it just sort of vibrated in place and it was stupid.

Oh and lastly I'm going to finish an animation about diabetes later today probably hopefully because Nigel was stupid and suggested I do that.  Blaaah, Nigel, blaaaaah...

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