Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real jobs can go suck a fat one.

Well this week I've been feeling pretty shitty about nothing really.  Side effect of feeling shitty?  Programming productivity shoots through the roof.

Fixed up my old PC and I'm dualbooting Macintosh onto it via VirtualBox to start some XCode and hopefully make a game for the App Store sometime.  Fixed a few major bugs in the Pannenkoekenhuis Flash port which is really coming underway pretty well.  Replaced all of my dead hardware.  Most of all, cleaned my desk.

Yes, that's a keyboard on a keyboard.
Think I'll finish the Pannenkoekenhuis Flash port, and if it does any good on MochiAds I'll move it over to XCode and try to push it on the App Store.  And then my freelancing empire begins, muhahahahah.

Who needs life when you have none?

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