Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Screw thine timing.

The next Ludum Dare (bi-annual), the next GMC Jam (twice since ever), and the next Rapid Development Compo (delayed a ton of weeks) [b]all land on the same weekend.[/b] So what should I do.

Ludum Dare is 48 hours long, GMC Jam is 72 hours long, and the RDC is 4 hours long. What are the odds that I can make a game for each? Is that close to zero?

I'm thinking screw the RDC, and then make one game that fits both themes from LD and the Jam in some screwed-up way. But I mean really. Three compos in a weekend. asdfjkl;

What's sort of disappointing is that so many awesome themes for LD get nominated each time but they're all voted out for something mediocre.

Look at all of that green ;_;

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