Monday, August 29, 2011

Mr. Chubigans : Kablooey!

Although it's a lot more mainstream and doesn't really need it, I still think Kablooey! deserves some sort of feature somewhere.

For those of you who don't know Mr. Chubigans, he's somewhat-known for making simple games that are just polished to fucking hell. They're always focused on some easy mechanic, like matching-up-three-diamonds-of-the-same-color type thing, but they look so nice and all of the sounds are so nice that it's somewhat fun. Granted, though, I have little respect for those types of games.

Kablooey! is a bit different.  The gameplay is based around selecting objects around the city to make more objects (oil barrel + fire = big fire) to make other objects in turn, and it just boils down to this massive domino chain until you blow up this big building and win the game.  It's beautiful splatterpaint-style graphics, something you don't see often, combined with... orchestrated music? Seriously. It has amazing music. I downloaded the soundtrack from it years ago, legal or not. It's absolutely beautiful. Urban-ish jazz sort of thing. I would link to it but it'd have to be on a server I have control over (my Dropbox or something) and that might not settle well with legal issues. Maybe if someone finds a video of it or something.

Really unusual for an indie game to have orchestrated music though? Sort of curious if he actually hired a band to play and record it. Certainly doesn't sound electronic.

Lastly, look at his logo.

So kickass.
He entered the 2BeeGames competition ( now, apparently) and if I remember correctly placed 2nd and got a good deal of prize money out of that.  So congrats, Mr. Chubigans/Vertigo.

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