Monday, August 22, 2011

messhof : The Thrill of Combat

I remember seeing this back when I first found messhof through Jetpack Basketball but never really found his work impressive. Rewatching it now though, wow.

I'll never understand why companies like nitrome that make generic-ish games get famous and people like messhof go unnoticed.

The guy is most known for Flywrench, but I don't find it that impressive honestly (not that I've played it). The Thrill of Combat, above, seriously looks excellent though. The idea is to control a helicopter and shoot people below with a laser, while dodging missiles and bullets. However, whenever you kill someone, you send down a person from the heli and harvest the organs with a knife that you control while dodging missiles and bullets from your helicopter. How freaking cool is that.

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  1. That game indeed looks epic. It's inspiring, thanks for posting it!