Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is kind of boring.

Spent this morning working for this housing peoples project organization called Habitats For Humanity under Tzu Chi (both pretty nice organizations that are pretty nice and you should check them out maybe).  Painted roofs.  Well not really roofs more like the bar under roofs.  It was in a sort of run-down black community and there was a bucket of fried chicken on the ground, and koolaid in the houses, and gatorade in a cooler outside, and watermelons for lunch.  Racist senses started tingling.

So that was my exercise for the day.  The rest of the week my exercise was cutting up palm fronds from a tree my dad cut down in our backyard that, it turns out, we probably weren't supposed to cut due to community regulations.  OH WELL.

School is sort of creeping up like your horrible neighbor.

I found this video interesting.  It's walking on water but with waterproof sneakers.  That's it.  The guy gets halfway across a lake without anything except waterproof sneakers.  tl;dr, that means there's a technique for it.  That can probably be applied to plain old shoes with maybe a rubber coat on the bottoms or something.  Pretty neat.

Cantilever Bridge placed a steady 9th in the GMC Summer Jam out of 56, which is not bad.  Sort of disappointed though, it was 4th until the last few votes were cast.  I ended up making a surprise Community prize for the winner (Justin Bieber's head replacing a bunch of graphics in their game, to some lulz), as well as a banner for anyone whose game tied with a Mickey Mouse game that was submitted.

Watched a movie called "Tuesdays With Morrie" which I have a lot of respect for, and I'd recommend it to anyone.  Especially to the youth though, because from what I've seen of our generation (e.g. major disappointment) there's literally maybe only 2% of people in grade school that have any ideas at all anymore.  They look at things at surface level, and then they think they're badass because they have revolutionary ideas that were borrowed from other people.  So now there are two groups of people.  I made a Venn diagram.

Okay it's not accurately made but live with it.
And then like maybe four or five people outside of both of these circles that I respect.  Power to those people.

Shit I'm off-topic THE MOVIE, it's nice because it uses mainstream quotes but it also uses specific, detailed quotes.  So you're analyzing the specific ones, and they give insight to the vague ones.  Takes the braindead out of the braindead.  That made no sense.  Regardless I would recommend it to any one of you.  There's also a book, if you'd rather have that.  Mhm.

Lastly, I talked about a Flash port I was working on for a game called Starload.  Have to say it's going very, very smoothly.  Also, my share of the profit is 40% of the game's license sale (which is maybe $1000 minimum) minus music licensing fees.  So that's a fair amount, and way more than anything I've earned from game design to date.  Even though I hate dedicated design like this, this is not a bad offer at all.


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